Saturday, July 12, 2003

As I�ve mentioned earlier, this week I wrote a simple program to convert data from my Yahoo account so it can be accessible on my new iPod. It isn�t much, but it�s something I needed for myself. I decided to apply the ol' spit-and-polish for the sake of learning a bit about my Mac. I made a Swing GUI (screenshot) for the app using the Aqua look and feel and packaged it in an Mac application bundle. I had some issues that I�ll probably write about at a later date, but for now I�m just going to post the program itself.

Here is a mac deployment, an executable jar and source code. It should run on a PC as well, but hasn't been tested yet.

I�m new to the world of Mac development, so if someone has a suggestion for a site that may be interested in knowing about this tool, feel free to send me a message.

I'd also like to thank Dave and Florian for thier feedback on my last post. Your ideas worked great!



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