Saturday, May 12, 2007

It took me a little effort to get Idea's Groovy Plugin built, so I thought I'd share my experiences for those who don't want to fall in the same traps.

I started from some instructions on the forums, but still had trouble. Some filenames were wrong, and working on the mac changed some of the details. Here are my revised instructions:
  • Update to a new EAP of IDEA. The plugin wasn't built for IDEA 6
  • Checkout the project from
  • When you first open the project, you may be asked to make a variable association. I pointed the templates variable to ${project}/resources/fileTemplates
  • I had to create a new Intellij IDEA SDK pointing it to my IDEA installation
  • Add tools.jar (on windows) or classes.jar (on the mac) from your JDK installation to the SDK classpath
  • Add idea.jar from your idea installation (on the mac, the file is /Applications/ to your SDK classpath
  • There are already two ant scripts in the ant window. Run the one called generate lexer from groovy
  • Run the build>make command from IDEA's menu
  • Run the build>Prepare Plugin Module 'groovy' for deployment command from IDEA's menu
  • A zip file will be generated to the project directory. Copy it to IDEA's plugin directory and unzip it.
  • Restart IDEA
I've attached the file for those daring enough to install software from some stranger's blog:



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