Monday, March 29, 2010

It's been on my todo list for well over a year now, but I've finally taken the time to redesign my blog. Since I switched to blogger I've been using an altered blogger theme that never really sat right with me (front image below). When I was using moveable type, I had created my design from scratch including a photo I had taken of a circut board (middle image). Considering myself a creative person, using someone else's website template really bothered me. It felt good to get this done.

Other than the actual photo of the cork (which I lifted from deviant art), everything here is original. I created all the artifacts from scratch in Photoshop and even took a picture of myself for the top corner. I'm using CSS and Javascript (JQuery) to make the flickr badge at the left look like images taped to the cork. There are a few rough edges I'd like to clean up, but overall I feel much better to have something original up again.


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