Sunday, May 20, 2007

Last week I got a macro lens I've been looking at for quite a while (Canon EF 100mm f/2.8). I have mixed feelings about it so far. It does its job very well, but I'm a little frustrated at how completely useless it is outside of macro photography. With my other lenses, I can work a little outside their area of expertise when a good shot presents itself, but because this lens is fixed at 100mm, using it for a casual photo in a pinch is a bit of a pain. That aside, I really love what it does with macro photos. It gives me a decent working distance from the subject and the short focal distance, while a little difficult to work with, can really make a photo stand out.

The detail in the Frog's eye is great (check out the full size version on flickr). What you can't really see from this picture, is that the entire frog is about the size of my thumbnail.

I cropped this one a little. Keeping the ant's head in focus was a bit tricky with a monopod. I may need to start using my tripod a bit more often.


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