Thursday, May 31, 2007

I'm a big fan of the recent trends towards webinars and recorded presentations. It's a great way to get a 1000 foot view of a topic with very little effort. I've posted a few sources for videos and audio in the past, but I've recently found a couple new interesting links:
  • TED Talks are online and
  • JavaOne 2007 sessions are being released gradually (although I'm a little disappointed that the 2005 sessions have disappeared)
  • EDIT (6/3): It looks like I missed the release of the JavaPolis 2006 DVD. I just ordered it, so I can't vouch for its content yet, but quite a few of the presentations are available from Parleys, and the 2005 DVD was a great resource. At 49€ (about $65) it's considerably cheaper than attending a conference in person.
  • EDIT (6/4): Google has released video from Google Developer Days including a presentation on Google Gears, which is a neat little framework for writing off-line web apps. They use a local database to store content. And, of course, it's fully searchable. They also have a presentation on Juice, which was pretty interesting.