Saturday, July 7, 2007

The Screening Room has a great screencast on LINQ. It's a little early to get too excited about LINQ, but the demos are very impressive. The combination of declarative type-safe queries and object oriented code makes many of our hot new trendy languages and language features seem like dirty hacks. Specifically many of the new Java features and JSRs take advantage of EL or queries embedded in Strings to get the job done -- effectively dropping down into a dynamic language. While dynamic languages may be the most pragmatic solution today, its nice to see someone is working on a more practical permanent solution.

On a related note, O'Reilly has a good shortcuts book on the under-pinnings of LINQ (LINQ: The Future of Data Access in C# 3.0). My interest in it wasn't about learning about LINQ itself, but what language features had to be added to support it. It does a good job of showing how ambitious this project is.


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